Dentures in Dothan

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Dr. Field can provide you with custom dentures that are well-fitting, aesthetic and natural-looking.

Well-Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures

Dr. Field can restore your smile with high-quality full and partial dentures and he will go the extra mile to make sure they are aesthetic and well-fitting. Due to his extensive experience crafting dentures, he can handle even complex cases. Dr. Field takes great care with each denture and will make sure that your replacement teeth are comfortable and natural-looking.
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In addition to traditional dentures, we offer the latest advancement in tooth replacement, which consists of dentures that are stably anchored in your jaw by means of dental implants. Implant-supported dentures do not move around in your mouth and provide you with excellent chewing power.

Custom, High-Quality Dentures

Dr. Field talking with patient about dentures

Dr. Field will consult with you in detail and explain all aspects of getting dentures.

We take an individualized approach regarding dentures for our patients. Dr. Field takes into account each patient’s anatomy and whether the jaw and gums would provide stable and comfortable support for dentures. He goes over the pros and cons so that you will have realistic expectations about living with dentures and can make an informed decision regarding which type of denture would best fit your lifestyle.

We get many patient referrals from local clinicians due to the fact that Dr. Field is able to handle more complex cases and that his dentures are of superior quality. Dr. Field performs thorough diagnostics and takes extra steps to enhance the aesthetics and stability of each denture he crafts.

Immediate Dentures

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Dr. Field will ensure that your dentures are aesthetic and complement your features.

If all of your remaining teeth have been deemed unsalvageable and need to be removed, immediate dentures provide you with a new set of teeth on the same day as receiving extractions. Dr. Field partners with a trusted local oral surgeon who is an expert in tooth removal, so that you receive the best possible care.

Dr. Field will create your well-fitting, aesthetic denture and have it ready prior to your appointment with the oral surgeon. The oral surgeon will extract your remaining teeth and put your new teeth into place. By placing the denture on the same day as the extractions, the denture acts as a protective covering to aid healing, and—just as important—your new teeth will preserve your appearance during the healing period.

Dr. Field will see you for a follow-up visit the very next day. He will make sure everything looks good and fits well and make any needed adjustments. He will continue to monitor your progress until your gums have fully healed.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Implant-supported dentures

implants4Implant-supported, fixed-in dentures offer the greatest stability and chewing power, from 70 percent to 90 percent of the chewing and biting power of natural teeth. For a more economical option, our removable, implant-supported, snap-in dentures provide greater stability than traditional dentures and will give you about 60 percent of normal chewing power.

New Teeth in One Day with All-on-4®

original_upper_all_on_4smallUsing the breakthrough All-on-4 technique, even patients with moderate to severe bone loss can usually qualify for full-arch, fixed-in teeth. The All-on-4 technique uses specialized positioning and angulation of four (or more, depending on the circumstances) implants to support a full arch of fully stable replacement teeth.

Full dentures

dentures2We use high-quality, medical-grade acrylic to make a full arch of natural-looking, beautiful new replacement teeth. Our high-tech equipment and digital impression scanner help ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Partials with metal clasps

shutterstock_310480463-smallIf you are missing several teeth in a row, a partial denture with metal clasps is a relatively inexpensive solution to replacing them. Partials with metal clasps attach firmly to adjacent teeth or crowns using flexible metal clasps that Dr. Field can adjust as needed to improve their fit.

Precision metal partials

photo courtesy of Saddle-Lock®As a more economical option to implants, we can make you a partial with a small, unobtrusive metal attachment that will securely slide or snap your partial to an adjacent tooth. Precision attachments are more aesthetic than traditional metal clasps, as they discreetly connect on the back surface of the tooth rather than wrapping around it. The supporting tooth has to be strong so if it is not, or if the tooth is already compromised, Dr. Field would place a crown to support the precision metal partial.

Metal-free partials

valplastWe make lifelike, aesthetic partials from Valplast®, a strong, thin, flexible nylon that lets your own natural gum and tooth color shine through and is virtually invisible in your mouth. Valplast partials are free of metals, practically unbreakable, and are very comfortable and gentle on your gums.

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